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Hearing aid accessories

Work with your hearing aid to make your device even more effective.


Hearing Aid Accessories


These streaming devices allow you to listen hands-free to any entertainment or communication system. They connect to cell phones, iPads, MP3 players, etc., to allow patients to listen to the sounds directly in their hearing aids.



The TVLink/uTV is a way to send the sounds from your TV to your hearing aids, with the use of a streaming device. Using the TVLink/uTV allows your hearing aids to become like wireless headphones while watching TV.


TV Connector

The TV Connector pairs with certain models of hearing aids, and allows you to stream the sounds of the TV directly to your aids, without the use of any other accessory.

TV Connector


These devices allow patients to hear people more easily in noisy environments. They reduce the effects of distance, by transmitting the speakers voice of a distance up to 20 meters, and allow ease of listening in crowded places.


Roger Devices

The Roger devices are designed to improve speech understanding in noisy environments. In situations where multiple conversations are taking place, it allows the patient to choose which talker to focus on, and enhances the speech of this talker.

Roger Devices

Remote Control

Remote controls allow patients to change the volume on their hearing aids and switch between programs.

Remote Control

Telcoil Magnet

The Telecoil Magnet is placed directly on a landline telephone, and allows the speaker’s voice on the other end of the phone to be amplified in the user’s hearing aids. This allows more ease of listening on a landline phone.

Telecoil Magnet

Telecoil and Looped System

Public places that are equipped with a loop system are designed to work with hearing aids that have a built-in telecoil. The loop system transmits sound directly into the person’s hearing aids.

Telecoil and Looped System

Caption Call Phone

Caption call phones are landline telephones that provide written captions of what the caller is saying. These phones are free of charge to patients.

Caption Call Phone

HearCare Personal Service Program

Our Personal Service Program means we don't just sell you a hearing aid, we give you the chance to hear better.

The program includes:

Professional Hearing Evaluations

A Doctor of Audiology will administer the appropriate hearing tests, explain your problem, and offer the best options for your specific hearing loss.

Regular Check-ups

To ensure you are receiving the full potential of your hearing aids, your follow-up visits are included of each hearing system for three years, We also recommend you see us every 6 months for regular check-ups and we're always available to answer your questions.

Our Guarantee*

If you are not satisfied, your money is refunded, less a professional fitting fee.

*Hearing aids cannot restore natural hearing. Success with hearing aids depends on a number of factors, including hearing loss severity and ability to adapt to amplifications.